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Ageing is the single most important risk factor underpinning the major chronic diseases. At the moment, living with chronic illness as we get older is all but inevitable.

Healthy life expectancy has not increased at the same rate as longevity, and so the prevalence of age-related disease continues to increase.

Appropriate prevention strategies, early treatment, good quality care, and social and emotional support can allow people to manage these conditions and remain independent.

We have a substantial programme of research in this area, which straddles mechanistic and applied clinical research. We address the complex health care needs of older people, based on an advanced understanding of the ageing process and age-related disease.

Our research seeks to identify the mechanisms of disease, and find and improve treatments. We aim to enhance not only quality of life, but also the quality and efficiency of age-related health care delivery.


  • Dr Steve W Parry - Lead
  • Professor Louise Robinson - Lead


  • To advance knowledge in the understanding of healthy ageing. We do this by conducting world-class research into the biological, medical and psycho-social aspects of ageing.
  • To generate impact by translating our research into real-world outcomes. Our beneficiaries include the public, patients, the NHS, and industry.
  • To contribute to Newcastle Academic Health Partners’ vision to be a world class research hub for ageing and age-related disease. We aim for local, national and international engagement, collaboration, and impact.

Activities and research areas

Our core activities are:

  • research and innovation
  • engagement and knowledge transfer
  • learning and teaching

Our disease areas are:

  • ageing brain (dementia, depression, stroke)
  • ageing body (cancer, chronic liver disease, falls, frailty and sarcopenia, diabetes and cardiovascular disease)
  • ageing limbs (musculoskeletal disease)

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