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NAHP Industry Month Report

Our first ‘industry month’ took place throughout February 2016, encompassing a number of events aimed at encouraging interactions between NAHP partners and the commercial sector. All NAHP partners were involved either in organising the events or providing important logistical support (for example, NUTH and NTW HR teams kindly arranged clinical observer access for external companies attending the theme weeks).

A great success, as a start-up company I would recommend to anyone to look to Newcastle for professional and friendly advice. It demonstrates that joined up thinking really does work, a great credit to the North East, well done everyone.
Attendee at CRF engaging with industry event

Main events

Newcastle University holds a MRC award to encourage industry interaction - ‘Proximity to Discovery’. Two ‘theme weeks’ for this were held bringing industry into labs, clinics, lectures and seminars: one on Lewy Body Dementia, involving seven external companies for three days and one on rheumatology and dermatology, attracting six companies for a week, including 5 major pharmaceutical companies, some of whom had travelled from the US and China.

Newcastle Hospitals Foundation Trust hosts a national ‘Diagnostic Evidence Co-operative (DEC) which is designed to support diagnostic companies bringing new tests to the clinic. The DEC’s ‘Adopting Med Tech’ event at the Centre for Life on 11 February had 127 delegates attending, including representatives from 45 companies (15 based in the NE, 25 from the rest of the UK and 5 from overseas).

NAHP’s Clinical Research Facility held an ‘Engaging with Industry’ event at the Centre for Life on 12 February, with just over 100 delegates attending, including 20 industry representatives.

The University also organised a ‘practicalities of ‘Omics’ conference, with around 130 attendees, including some from industry.

The workshop provided an excellent overview of Newcastle's capabilities and expertise in LBD research. As the group size was small it was easy to informally follow up with the speakers and attendees which is a big advantage over larger conferences and meetings. The lectures and talks were very interesting and helpful. The evening receptions provided plenty of scope to meet informally with Newcastle researchers and industry delegates.
Attendee at dementia with Lewy Bodies theme week

Get involved

We are now working with our partners in the Academic Health Science Network for the North East and North Cumbria (AHSN NENC) and the North East and North Cumbria NIHR Clinical Research Network to arrange another, bigger and better, event in February 2017.

If you would like to be kept informed of events, please join our business mailing list or if you have any suggestions of events you would like to see us organise, contact Martin Cox in our Joint Business Office.

The programme was a unique opportunity to gain a full range of experiences (learning from talented scientists and clinicians with complex patients) within an initiative that was incredibly transparent and enthusiastically delivered. Newcastle has a high level of science with real expertise in drug development and clinical trials and I'm crystal clear that the University and NHS at Newcastle is open and eager to collaborate with pharma.
Attendee at rheumatology/ dermatology theme week